Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friends, Life, Novel update, and Questions.

So I'm gonna start this one off with my favorite topic to talk about at this current point in time. My NOVEL!

All joking aside. I just rewrote a quick section of chapter four and added a black hole tug of war scene before he is slingshot towards the purple planet. I'm trying to come up with cool ideas about the creature that is stalking him and a way to foreshadow the woman on the planet whom he eventually meets and tries to woo. haha.

At this point in time right now i have been working constantly and i cannot stand it. Tops is all 4 hour shifts early morning and the Osier is all 7 hour shifts late at night. So needless to say these days i am extremely sleep deprived and i would love to find a way to fix that. Does anyone have a cure for this other than alcohol? yeah thats right. Its one way to help me fall asleep, but i am trying really hard to refrain from drinking these days.

Some of my friends recently have gotten extremely distant. I haven't acted any differently. I haven't noticed any real changes to them either. So i feel offended and honestly I am becoming a bit angry about it. You can only break plans so many times. Even after questioning i still have no answers. I don't give up on friends, and I do care about them. I trust them to tell me when something is up. I cant respect being lied to and I don't deserve that. But what can you do. On with life i go.

Recently i have been under the impression that my phone hates my guts. At first it just had a screen that froze every so often. Now the screen cracked and freezes 4 times a day. And just within the last few days the speaker blew in it. Now i can't use the alarm or make calls. May 9th is my next available upgrade and it cannot come soon enough.
I am happy today. I don't really want to work, but at least it keeps my brain busy.

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