Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Developments. And Nothingness

So yeah. Not too much new going on these days. Just working on the novel and working my ass completely off. I slept for a total of 12 hrs last night. So far Deacon is exploring the new planet on which he landed, while a creature starts to stalk him from the pond/ lake area that he landed.

I realized i needed some more action in the book as the flight through space kind of lacks any real danger or excitement. its supposed to be beautiful, but deacon isn't really interested enough to understand exactly how large the scale is of everything around him.

my friends have started hanging out more often which is a good thing. unfortunately i wont have much free time soon as i picked up more shifts at the restaurant. I had my interview at the Batavia Tops, which i feel very positive about. I had both the produce manager and the assistant store manager laughing which seems good. They told me they were looking for someone to mold into the assistant manager they want and also someone who will be able to pick up the job within three weeks. If that person isn't me then i have no idea who it is. I am a hard worker and i do learn new things within short periods of time. Ill keep you posted on that.

In other news, its gonna be getting warm soon and i have some pretty decent abs already. I'm definitely gonna keep working out as often as i can find time. I haven't felt this positive about myself in a long long time and i can only imagine its gonna get better.

As far as a love life goes.... I'm way too busy and preoccupied with the things in my life to worry about one. Things are finally going my way and until i can get things into a clean and comfortable schedule I'm not really gonna go out of the way to look for one.

There really isn't much to say. Ive been sending out emails of my story to friends and just about anyone who sends me an email. That goes for you reader as well. Feel free to gimme an email.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spurs, Gym, Novels OH MY!

Today i linked this blog to my facebook status thing. So lets hope i get some new followers :D

I talked recently with my friend Jessica about my novel as she is the one who will be designing the cover of the book. She is a very gifted woman and I am glad she is involved in this project. Im currently on Chapter 4 in the novel after Deacon has landed on the purple planet. I am trying to think of a name that he would use for the planet. Just a reminder that Deacon is a cocky asshole kind of person. So use that mindset when you think up suggestions.

Speaking of Jessica she brought it to my attention that the music in Fallout New Vegas is very limited. I think this sucks due to the fact that the radio stations from that game are supposed to be a major incorporation especially when you find black mountain. So thats some crap news about an awesome game lol. I don't play games as often as I used to and i think maybe this is a good thing.

One of those reasons is the Gym. I still love going there. My last visit was only for about 45 minutes and in which time i ran 3 miles and did a hell of a lot of ab machine exercising. Its gonna be summer in a short period of time and i suggest to all of you out there to give getting in shape a try this year :) the last thing i want to see this year is a lady with so much body fat you cant see her bathing suit... yeah... I'm still scarred for life.

Im kind of out of updates at this point in time and i have work at the Restaurant soon so i will post again soon. Keep checking back friends.

_Casey J

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting in shape

I have been getting a head start on vacation season. I decided at the beginning of this year to go to the gym as often as i can and lately i have been doing so. My gym of choice has been Next Level Fitness in Batavia. There are three floors there. The basement is a heavy lifting facility which centers upon upper body and leg machines, but is not limited to those. The ground floor is a fitness area with lots of ellipticals, stair-masters, and treadmills. There are also a good number of ab workout machines there that i use regularly to keep my stomach in good shape. The second floor is an all womens floor. I would give you insight to that except i have never been in there. I am a man after all.

Lately i have been feeling healthier, more refreshed and active. This is in direct result from the gym. If there was a way i could make money, work less, and workout more i would take it in a heartbeat. I find the experience fun, challenging, and completely worthwhile.

In other news tomorrow is one of my nights off and i will be trying to work more on my novel and getting some grammar issues fixed. Also i have been sleeping more. To the point that i can actually feel awake most mornings when I'm at work or at home. So far 2011 is looking up. Except for the lack of money. I'm trying currently to get an assistant produce manager job at the Batavia store and on Friday i get to set up my day for an interview.

Wish me luck my friends as i try to make more mulah with a legitimate full time job. Well i have work in the AM so i think I shall hit the hay. Goodnight.

-Casey J

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Novel is Underway

I have gotten a few chapters of my Novel (After Life) completed and I'm completely excited for this new project in my life. Lately I've been in need of something to preoccupy my mind. This fills that slot. The idea behind the novel is that a man with everything he could ever want dies and his spirit is sent to a distant planet through space where he has to learn to deal with his new life without any of the things he is used to having. Its got a few twists and turns and is definitely not intended for children. I have sent the first few chapters to a few friends and so far the general idea is that it is good. I can only hope that it remains so as i begin to write about his travels through the star systems and eventual touchdown on the purple glowing planet. Interested? feel free to ask me about it.

In other news i still work for the Red Osier Landmark Restaurant in Stafford N.Y. and Tops Markets in LeRoy. This blog is gonna be a me starting over on my blog experience. i was not good at it last time i had one and i tended to get carried away with my feelings rather than post relevant information. So lets hope this time i keep it together :)

I'm happy with my life right now. Usually when i am single I don't have such a good head on my shoulders, but i have done a lot of growing up and i plan on sorting my life out before i take on the challenges of a girlfriend again.

Some followers would be nice though so if you stumble upon this blog be sure to keep up with me and the status of my writing. Every now and then ill post some lines for you to see.

-Casey J