Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Novel is Underway

I have gotten a few chapters of my Novel (After Life) completed and I'm completely excited for this new project in my life. Lately I've been in need of something to preoccupy my mind. This fills that slot. The idea behind the novel is that a man with everything he could ever want dies and his spirit is sent to a distant planet through space where he has to learn to deal with his new life without any of the things he is used to having. Its got a few twists and turns and is definitely not intended for children. I have sent the first few chapters to a few friends and so far the general idea is that it is good. I can only hope that it remains so as i begin to write about his travels through the star systems and eventual touchdown on the purple glowing planet. Interested? feel free to ask me about it.

In other news i still work for the Red Osier Landmark Restaurant in Stafford N.Y. and Tops Markets in LeRoy. This blog is gonna be a me starting over on my blog experience. i was not good at it last time i had one and i tended to get carried away with my feelings rather than post relevant information. So lets hope this time i keep it together :)

I'm happy with my life right now. Usually when i am single I don't have such a good head on my shoulders, but i have done a lot of growing up and i plan on sorting my life out before i take on the challenges of a girlfriend again.

Some followers would be nice though so if you stumble upon this blog be sure to keep up with me and the status of my writing. Every now and then ill post some lines for you to see.

-Casey J

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