Friday, February 11, 2011

Spurs, Gym, Novels OH MY!

Today i linked this blog to my facebook status thing. So lets hope i get some new followers :D

I talked recently with my friend Jessica about my novel as she is the one who will be designing the cover of the book. She is a very gifted woman and I am glad she is involved in this project. Im currently on Chapter 4 in the novel after Deacon has landed on the purple planet. I am trying to think of a name that he would use for the planet. Just a reminder that Deacon is a cocky asshole kind of person. So use that mindset when you think up suggestions.

Speaking of Jessica she brought it to my attention that the music in Fallout New Vegas is very limited. I think this sucks due to the fact that the radio stations from that game are supposed to be a major incorporation especially when you find black mountain. So thats some crap news about an awesome game lol. I don't play games as often as I used to and i think maybe this is a good thing.

One of those reasons is the Gym. I still love going there. My last visit was only for about 45 minutes and in which time i ran 3 miles and did a hell of a lot of ab machine exercising. Its gonna be summer in a short period of time and i suggest to all of you out there to give getting in shape a try this year :) the last thing i want to see this year is a lady with so much body fat you cant see her bathing suit... yeah... I'm still scarred for life.

Im kind of out of updates at this point in time and i have work at the Restaurant soon so i will post again soon. Keep checking back friends.

_Casey J

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